Integrative Nutrition For Business - Not What You Think It Is.

by Scott Mathias CHHC. AADP

A genuinely safe and happy workplace for company participants reflects a positive bottomline.

Easier said than achieved as many of you will know but in these times the health of your company across the board is paramount.

The principles of personal Integrative Nutrition (IN) are now being successfully applied to the symbiotic form of 'company' - a place where humans gather to participate in their daily expression called 'work' and interaction.

IN comprises of two overarching approaches:

  • Primary Nutrition - The company is glued together by a symbiosis of customer and employee collective thought, personality and behaviour  - uniquely different participants all relating to each other in a manner which meets their needs. Employees looking for a rich experience everyday and customers looking for a rich experience when they purchase a product or a service. The 'health' of these individual relationships makes up the 'whole', the foundation of which is a healthy emotional experience. 
  • Secondary Nutrition - The emotional and physical health of individual participants making up the 'whole' is the critical element. Thankfully employees are no longer seen as a simply a force whipped into order just to give management and shareholders their daily profit. They are indeed 'Nodes of Inspiration', each contributing an 'Energy of Outcome' based on their job description. 'Nodes of Inspiration' are likened to a coiled spring ready at any time to comfortably expand or contract. This individual physical and emotional health becomes that 'critical element'.  With regard to the customer or service receiver - they just want to know that the company 'loves and cares' for them - hence effective marketing and communications. Secondary Nutrition defines the quality of Primary Nutrition - without the health and wellbeing of your company participants and customers the later becomes seriously fractured and the company suffers.

A present state analysis of your business or company using the principles of Integrative Nutrition often yields revealing issues impacting +/- on company performance. 

All aspects of stakeholders emotional relationship within (Secondary) and without (Primary) the symbiotic form of company are examined. Recommendations based on the unique nature of your company are made, integrated and charted against bottomline performance.

The IN approach is changing the face of the human experience with the collective company experience whether large corporate, SME or public service unit.

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