OmniMedia Solutions  New Zealand

Scott Mathias assumes the role of Founder and Consultant at OmniMedia Solutions New Zealand, charting a course shaped by decades of media expertise.

Spanning a remarkable 45 year odyssey across television, radio journalism, and digital media landscapes in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, Scott possesses an unwavering editorial focus. His personal  narrative unfolds through a diverse tapestry of media roles, including:

  • Journalist/Producer at Channel 7 Australia, National Press Gallery, Canberra, Australia.

  • Director of News & Training at Imparja Satellite Television, Alice Springs, Central Australia.

  • Chief of Staff and Journalist at TV3 Auckland (News Hub), New Zealand.

  • Founder of ITVWorld Content Production and Aggregation in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Director of Convergent Technologies & Social New Media Development at Arthur Andersen, Australia, leading projects such as Process Re-engineering and Digital Strategy for Media Corp, Singapore, MetroNews Jakarta, Indonesia, and RTM DTTB Strategy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • Founder of LivingBeautiful Pty Ltd, contributing as a Media Director, Writer, Narrator, and Video specialist, particularly focusing on media tailored for digital Omni-media network distribution.

Scott's foray into the world of broadcasting-journalism commenced in 1977 with Radio New Zealand, carving his niche before his journey took him to Australia, where he embraced diverse roles across radio and television.

Beyond his roles, Scott's inherent editorial ability, combined with his expanded capacities for creative and critical thought, have shaped his consultancy offering. He extends his expertise to regional & global enterprises in the digital media sector, adroitly weaving in his adept Social Media editorial creation and management skills.

In the realm of written word, Scott stands as an accomplished author, boasting six internationally published titles by New Holland Publishing & LivingBeautiful Publishing, Australia. Moreover, he has independently authored three works that address pertinent health and wellbeing concerns.

Amid his multifaceted pursuits, Scott finds solace in preparing wholesome meals, nurturing green spaces, and tending to holistic health and wellbeing.

In his interactions, Scott brings forth a stable sense of objectivity, underscored by innate editorial prowess, and guided by an expanded capability to engage in creative and critical thinking. This fusion magnifies his commitment to fostering meaningful relationships, fuelled by a wealth of experience and a dynamic intellectual outlook.