Forging Pathways to Success through Strategic Ingenuity

In the landscape of modern business, the art of impactful design and strategic digital creativity and branding stands as an imperative like no other time.

OmniMedia Solutions has carved a distinguished reputation as a pioneering Digital Creation workhouse. Our forte lies in orchestrating bespoke strategies, finely tuned to the needs of Medium to Large Enterprises. We specialise in the 'New Food & Proteins' sector.

Within the heart of OmniMedia Solutions beats a passion for crafting brands transcending the ordinary in the digital realm.

With over 40 years of media expertise embedded in our core, OmniMedia Solutions is more than a strategy enterprise; we embody a legacy of innovation. Our pursuit of inventive concepts remains 24/7, aimed at aligning businesses and products with ever-shifting global and local demands.

Together, we'll chart a course toward a digital future not only propelling your enterprise to new heights but also ensuring its relevance to generations that lie ahead.

The Current State

Designing Your Digital Presence

The new normal is changing daily. Where are you?

  • One in 10 SMEs are online-only businesses. 
  • 12% of SMEs are online-only businesses
  •  1 in 4 (23%) among Millennial SMEs online - they see the future NOW!
  • Only 7% of Baby Boomer SMEs are online-only businesses*

Inspiring SME Critical Thinking

Cooperation & collaboration are seen as cornerstones for success.

  • 80% Feel optimistic about their business
  • 71% Australia  & NZ are great places to be in business
  • 69% If you have a great business idea you can be successful in Australia & NZ*

Clear Words & Communications

Technology and strategic communication are keys 

  • 81% Critical Thinkers believe they will be successful within the next 3-years. 
  • 83% Entrepreneurs possess a positive outlook into the next 3-years. 
  • 76% Innovators remain confident of their success in the next 3 years.*


Nurturing Vision through Creative and Critical Thought

At OmniMedia Solutions, our ethos champions an unequivocally human-centric approach, anchored by a robust framework of four pillars of excellence: Creative Strategy, Web-crafting Mastery, Social Positioning Expertise, and the Art of Public Discourse. These pillars form the culmination of more than four decades of immersive experience encompassing MSN broadcast and point-cast media, the intricacies of digital publishing in the online realm, adept media relations, and nuanced public communication across diverse channels.This holistic journey incorporates the finesse of creative and editorial design, precision word-smithing, and the seamless integration of strategic planning, marketing acumen, and the even more contemplative art of shaping public policy and crafting narratives.

 If a story is easy to tell then it's easy to be heard - no matter what the subject matter.

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