The Naturally Inferred Dynamics of Collaboration

Everywhere in nature there are illustrations of collaborative relationships.

A few days ago I was 'willing' a bee or bees to heavily pollinate my broad bean flowers. Sure enough each day since a single bee has hovered about the wine coloured flowers of my broad beans moving from one flower to the other, collaborating!

It's the same in the human relationship - a dynamic exists for two parties to literally 'pollinate' each other's creative essence with something new. Every moment we are looking to 'reflect' with an other in order to support the essentials needed to maintain a dynamic human experience.

Most of the time people just meander into another's life choosing the random path. But what if these meanderings weren't random - in fact part of the interplay of the energetic dynamics always present in human life.

Human life being similar to the 'ways of nature' - energetic collaboration in action. In this case the act of pollination. The outcome being a stand of healthy broad beans!!

I invite you to think about what I have shared. Maybe time to practice mindfulness in your busy-ness and just learning to know that nothing is by accident or randomness but just all meant to be.

Mindful intent leads to positive and empowering outcomes not just for the individuals at play but also for nature and Planet Earth at large.

Are your broad beans being pollinated?

by Scott Mathias CHHC. AADP

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