Establish Authority And See What Happens

by Scott Mathias CHHC. AADP

You are the sum total of your combined life experiences!

You began as a blank canvas and over the years of your experience on Earth have garnered precious jewels of information and knowledge related not just to your time here but more specifically around your competencies, traits and skill set.

As a small businessman or entrepreneur now into your 30's, 40's, 50's and even beyond, you have become a walking, thinking and breathing amalgam of knowledge and wisdom.

Most people cannot relate to themselves this way because they are trapped in the day to day humdrum of human life - having their destiny carved out for them by the daily media, cultural or religious paradigms. Relenting to this existence ultimately starves the soul of its experience here which is why it's time to stand up and take charge of your own destiny - become the architect of your own time - the present moment and the future.

Here are five ways you can correct your course as a human and as a small business operator and entrepreneur.

1. Aggregate all your collected knowledge and wisdom and identify how best to 'package it up' for the world to reflect with

2. Become 'an authority' in your chosen field of expertise or knowledge

3. Develop a daily 'mantra based' vocabulary which supports your authority - learning to choose your words wisely so they no longer fall on deaf ears

4. Practice 'courage filled' habits enabling you to remain on course each day and stay true with yourself

5. Find platforms where your authority can be demonstrated such as your own business or personal website, publications and even develop speaking skills so you can present to audiences both on and offline

In order for the above to occur you may (or may not) seek out a mentor to guide and support you through the process of 'authority establishment' - someone to show you how to couch your words appropriately, someone to show you how to write articles for publication and someone to show you how to write a book or even ghost write your words.

We are here to provide you with the road map to establish your position in your chosen community.

Feel free to reach out and at least talk about the potential to bring your light out from beneath the bushel and show the world world that you too are part of the change process.


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